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I use social media to show my art to the world. Unfortunately you run into scammers. Once in a while you do find a diamond in the rough. But in the meantime look out for red flags.

  1. I want to buy your art as NFT. Watch out. If you into NFTs send them to your platform like OpenSea.

  2. The conformation email. I'm skeptical about opening emails these days. If they want it ask them to go directly to your account to purchase.

  3. Never give out your address to receive a check. 99% probability its a bogus check. Never ever deposit in your ATM. Ask the clerk at your bank to look it up to see if it is legit . if you have any questions. Hit me up. I seen many. If I can help with advice I will. #scammers #NFTscammers #internetscammers

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