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Native New Yorker, Casiano settled in the neighboring state of CT. An accomplished creative director & designer received his BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

 After years in the field of advertising & promotions, he felt the need to his first love of painting to a professional capacity. Painting is something he’s been doing most of his life. He developed a style with big bold colors and broad strokes. Most of his subject matter is based on the women who inspired him the most. His art is seen and purchased in numerous galleries in the US & Europe. 

A reflection of his impairment, the one eye series is owned by corporate & private collectors alike. None of it, however began this way. Ironically this subject started long before his vision loss. At one point he felt making art effected one's perception. Casiano developed a fascination of the mind's eye. Unfortunately he didn't have any premonition of what was coming next. Was it an epiphany or some cosmic coincidence? Who’s to say? But now it part of his alter-ego, a reflection of his own subconscious. One thing is certain, as long as the universe gives him the ability, he'll continue adding art to the world, one painting at a time. One exhibition at a time.