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It's been12 years since I took my art to social media and one thing is constant. There are a lot of scammers trying to take you for a ride. The one that I find amusing is the check in the mail. We all like to make that sale but be very careful. There are a lot of red flags. First and foremost never have the check sent to your home. They always want to send you more then you ask for. Checks can come from anywhere. You tell them use PayPal or Apple pay but no

it has to be a check. You look at the check. DO NOT DEPOSIT INTO YOUR ATM. The person might be from NJ, the letter say Maine the Branch is from California. If it's a check from Citibanks, for instance, take it to them to confirm it's legitimacy. Give them all the information you received from this person and let them handle it with the FBI. Seller beware

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