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NFT con artists

Is it me or does everybody want to buy your art? But wait a minute, only as a NFT format on their suggested platform. LOL. They give you their text resume saying they work for OpenSea yada yada yada whatever. 1. They want to you mint and they guarantee it will sell for lots of money. 2. You have to pay to withdraw your money from their platform. Use Or they want your higher digital file and want you to mint it while it's in their possession. Are you following where this is going? Do yourself a favor google their name. Anything? No? Still nothing? pictures don't match? Gee I wonder why? Now i'm not say they're all crooks. Maybe 99%. Just do your homework if you go this direction. I hope this was helpful. #NFT #NFTconartists #NFTthieves #conartist #dontdoit #toNFTornot #artisttryingtomakealiving

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