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From artist to designer back to artist

I was an artist as far back as I can remember and like most kids I drew my feelings and

what I couldn't say with words. It became my comfort zone. But then people told me I would struggle if I went down this path. So I studied to be an art director but in the summer of 2009 I fell victim to the great recession. And like millions of Americans I began to look for work. My resume might as well be a message in a bottle. I needed to fill my time in between while looking for work. I even took odd jobs but my heart was screaming for something else. I eventually dusted off my art supplies and began to paint again. I finally started feeling a sense of normalcy again. As I accumulated art I began to submit to galleries and call for artists. I started winning and getting in with galleries in CT and finally in NYC. I still would look for design work but then I lost vision to one eye then the pandemic hit. I kept doing art and did what I could to feel normal. Art remained and feel I found my comfort zone.

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