I went from artist to designer and back again. Each year I would paint once every so often but when I fell victim to the great recession, my artistry was truly resurrected in the process.


At first it was a distraction while seeking employment as a designer. ​I began reminiscing on why I became an artist in 

the first place. I was able tap into the 

deepest part of the subconscious without therapy, prayer or meditation. Each brushstroke became another part to a zen like 

serenity. The studio became my sanctuary. 

Eventually I accumulated a body of work and was accepted into a few galleries near home. Today my work has been viewed in several major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Delaware and Providence just to name a few. 

I paint everyday just to add a bit to our culture & society, one painting at a time.



Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 2.40.21 PM.png


As I grew older I became intrigued by the mind's eye or the middle eye. I began to incorporate it in my paintings. Many of the subjects had but one singular eye.


Little did I know it was insight to my own fate,developing complications & eventually losing almost all vision to one eye.


An epiphany? An unfortunate paradox or just cosmic coincidence? Who's to say but it doesn't stop me from painting in such dramatic fashion. Maybe it was destiny or

a different kind of blind luck. 






His experience as a designer has left a profound effect on where his is work is today.   Many consider  his style & technique to be a form Neo cubism & pop fauvism. His bold & stylistic works has been exhibited as far away

as China. His art is seen in numerous galleries, owned by corporate & private collectors throughout the US & abroad.