Native New Yorker, Casiano settled in the neighboring state of Connecticut. An accomplished creative director & designer received his BFA from Pratt Institute

in Brooklyn. 


After years in the field of advertising & promotions, he felt the need to return to

his first love of painting. He eventually developed his own style and technique with big bold colors and broad brush strokes.


His art has been seen and purchased in numerous galleries throughout the US, Europe & as far away as China. Today his work is owned by corporate & private collectors alike.


His one goal is to add something not seen in modern day culture. Something different, something beautiful, one painting at a time. One exhibition at a time.


The one eye art happens to be my blindness, My trademark. A reflection of my subconscious or alter-ego. The irony is I lost vision after the fact, many years prior. An epiphany or cosmic coincidence? Who's to say? But as long as God gives me the will, I’ll keep painting less with my eyes and more with my heart. 

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